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Elantech Multitouch Super-Pad Control Panel Walkthrough

I recently upgraded the touchpad drivers for the Asus Eee PC 1000H to version  It included a new control panel interface for configuring the various gestures. You would also love to read: https://www.fitnesstep1.com/best-elliptical-machines-2016-recommendations-from-experts/

Here are screenshots to showing which gestures you can do and how they can be configured.

New Mouse Properties


Button Settings


Tapping Setting


Rotation Setting


Fast Keys Settings


Swipe Page Settings


RathofMac WebcamMax How To Video

Found a cool video posted on Chris Pirillo’s site.  It’s a tutorial on how to make your live streaming screen look just like Chris’ on Ustream on a PC using WebCamMax.

This is a great tutorial for up and coming lifecasters who want to include ’stuff’ on the screen.

YouTube – RathofMac WebcamMax How To Video

National Handwriting Day


National Handwriting Day
Well, well. I found out from Sumocat via
GBM it’s National Handwriting Day today.
This day was chosen using John Hancock’s
birthday which makes perfect sense.
GottaBeMobile has been posting a lot
about ink blogging lately. I’m not sure if
interest will blow up significantly, but
it would be nice to gain a few more
P.S. Going to try out
Build 52.