Sansa Connect Firmware Update!

There’s word from the Sansa Connect User Group the Sansa Connect’s firmware has been updated!  Finally we’ll be able to browse and stream Yahoo Unlimited’s 2 million song catalog all from a WiFi connection.  There’s also a new menu for Video.

Looks like the rumor was true!
I just finished updating my player with the new firmware… which
now lets me browse/stream specific tracks from the Yahoo Music
There also seems to be a “video” addition to the photos menu. Looks
like this requires downloading the Sansa Media Converter to let you
transfer video from your PC. This wasn’t high on my wish-list, but
nice to know it’s there, I suppose.
I’ve just been playing with it for 5 minutes, but those are the two
big things I saw. Anybody see anything else?
this is a nice present for a Tuesday afternoon!

If you don’t know about the Sansa Connect, it’s a WiFi enabled media player that ties in with Yahoo Music Unlimited To Go subscription service.  I’m currently paying around $15/mo to have access to the entire music catalog with the ability to download tracks.  I’m a big fan of music subscription services.  It’s definitely a great way to explore new music or listen to newly released albums.  If you’re tired of paying $1/track from iTunes to listen to tracks you probably would never buy normally, this is the way to go.

The Connect runs on Linux.  The device and interface was developed by Zing who were recently bought out by Dell.  You can stream internet radio directly with Launchcast, view your Flickr photos, and download tracks/albums/playlists straight to the player through WiFi.. as long as you keep paying.  If you’re not a subscriber, you can still stream Launchcast radio but lose the ability to skip tracks.  You can also plug the Connect into a PC with the USB cable and transfer songs the normal way.  Since it’s using a real OS underneath the hood, it multitasks well.  You can download tracks in the background, listen to Launchcast radio, and view your Flickr photos all at the same time.

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Search, browsing, and streaming the entire catalog has been the #1 request since its release.  This is something the iPhone/iPod Touch just cannot do.  Sure you have a fantastic interface to browse and search the iTunes catalog with the iTunes WiFi Music Store, but you have to purchase and download tracks first before you can play them.  With the Connect and a subscription, direct streaming baby!

The price has dropped down considerably as you can find one for around $100.…