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Aiptek A-HD 720p Camcorder Unleashed


Aiptek released the A-HD 720p (1280×720) SD based camcorder for $170. Wow. I thought their GO-HD was cheap since you can find them for around $230 these days.

I’ve been a fan of Aiptek since I bought the MPVR a while back for $80. I know, the quality isn’t all that great.. but for that price, it was a steal. A really small, flash based, no-moving parts, beat up camera you can take anywhere is super handy. When going surf fishing, the only device I take with me is the Aiptek since I really don’t care if it gets thrashed. I don’t how many times I’ve dropped it with no sign of damage.

The design if this new model looks very similar to the Sanyo SD camcorders. It definitely looks more compact and slimmer than the MPVR or GO-HD.

I don’t think you can call these new Aiptek HD camcorders hybrids anymore though. The MPVR is a camera, digital camera, webcam, video recorder, video player, and MP3 player. The A-HD and GO-HD are just digital cameras and camcorders now.

Here are the specs taken from Amazon Aiptek. (EDIT: Amazon’s specs are for the GO-HD) The main difference from the GO-HD is the removal of optical zoom and LED light. It encodes to h.264 at around 4Mbps. With an 8GB card, you should be able to record around 4 hours of footage. I hope the battery life is better than GO-HD’s 30 minutes.

Product Features

1280 x 720 – 16:9 Ratio @ 30 FPS for Recording Movies:
The A-HD performs 720P high definition video quality to provide a whole new high quality DV experience. One-touch recording allows you to capture stunning HD (1280 x 720 – 16:9 aspect ratio) video clips at 30 frames per second with advanced H.264 technology.

Personal Media Player & Recorder:
Connect the camera to your TV/VCR/DVD player to record video clips, pictures, and audio recordings, and playback directly on the built-in 2.4″ color LCD.Record Video from DVD’s, TV, VHS, or from Any Device that has RCA outputs for entertainment on the go!

Max. Resolution up to 8 Mega-Pixel:
Equipped with 5 mega pixel CMOS sensor, the still image resolution of the A-HD is enhanced to 8 mega pixels. Auto-Focus helps you get the best pictures every time!

Digital Zoom:
2x real time digital zoom allows you to Zoom In/Out while recording video!

Swivel-Reversible 2.4″ TFT Color LCD Display:
Review and playback you HD video clips and hi-res pictures in real time. LCD swivels 270° for unlimited video and photo taking.

Night Shot:
Enhance image quality while capturing photos in darker environments with your A-HD.

Recharge Battery via USB:
Conveniently charge your new A-HD via the USB cable when connected to your PC or use the AC Charger cable included. No need to remove battery from camera.

HDTV Component Output:
Connect your A-HD to your HDTV Component input ports to display your high definition video clips and still pictures, sharing them with friends and family.

Removable Hard Disk and SD/MMC Card Reader:
The A-HD allows you to use up to 8GB of SD card storage to record longer video before having to upload to your PC.

Bring HD Video to your MAC!

Image Sensor 5 Mega-Pixel CMOS (2592 x 1944)
Still Image 3200 x 2400 Pixels (8 Mega Pixel)
2560 x 1920 Pixels (5 Mega Pixel)
2048 x 1536 Pixels (3 Mega Pixel)
Movie Mode 1280 x 720 Pixels (H.264) up to 30 fps
720 x 480 Pixels (D1) up to 30 fps
352 x 240 Pixels (CIF) up to 30 fps
Video Format .MOV
Macro Mode Macro Mode: 30 ~ 50cm
Normal Mode: 50cm ~ infinity
Digital Zoom 4x 2x
LCD Display 2.4” TFT Panel with 270° Rotation
Internal Memory 6MB for Storage
External Memory SD Card Slot (256MB – 8GB)
TV Out HDTV (Component Out)
NTSC/PAL Color System Supported
Interface USB2.0
Battery NP-60 1000mA Li-Ion battery
Reference Table


Digital Video (Min.) Still Image (Pic.)
1280 x 720
720 x 480
8 MP
(3200 x 2400)
5 MP
(2560 x 1920)
512MB SD Card 15 min. 36 min. 190 290
1GB SD Card 30 min. 72 min. 380 580
2GB SD Card 60 min. 144 min. 770 1160
4GB SD Card 120 min. 288 min. 1540 2320
8GB SD Card 240 min. 576 min. 3080 4640
Note: The actual number of pictures stored may vary by 30% depending on the resolution and color saturation. The table above is for reference only.

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