Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 10th August 2017 Written Update

Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 10th August 2017 Written Update by MA

Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 10th August 2017 Written Episode

Antara recalls her promise and tells Suman that she is fine. Manager asks Ranveer and Suman to come on stage. He asks Ranveer to make his wife ready and do her make up/ shringaar. Sindhoora says this shringaar is already doing which is to be done on aarthi. Ranveer refuses. Suman asks him to do her shringaar. Ranveer makes her wear necklace etc…..Ek tara plays…..He then applies lipstick to her lips. Everyone looks at them. Ranveer is about to fill her maang with sindoor, but stops seeing the reflection and is about to keep it back. Suman asks what happened? Manager asks him to hurry him. She says sindoor is a trust which a wife has on her husband, it is prestige of married woman etc. Manager asks him to apply sindoor as he will lose. Suman says this is not our loss, but loss of our relation
which I can’t let it happen. She says this is my right Manager claps for them and says I want to give you both, a big surprise. Ranveer gets teary eyes, sees reflection and goes. Suman goes behind him. Sindhoora gets up and follows Suman. Kalavati and Shakti search her.

Antara gets up and says she will be back. Sindhoora is hiding. She comes to the reception and asks about Suman. Receptionist says she went to her room. Suman gets happy seeing the room decorated. She reads the chit kept by Albela. She thinks where are you Ranveer ji. Sindhoora comes to room and thinks you will burn in this diyas. She puts candle on the bed.. Suman sets the fire off. Sindhoora throws candle at other places. Suman stops her and asks what she want to do? She is shocked to see Sindhoora’s face. Sindhoora says yes. Suman says you wants to kill me. Sindhoora says I want to kill you and make you go far from my son’s life. She says you are a curse and poison for us. She says she wants to end her story. She says you have become wife, but can’t become my bahu.

Your son can become my son’s son, but can’t become my grand son. Suman says I would have gone from your house if you had told me. She asks why did you instigate Ranveer against my son and blackmailed Ranveer repeatedly, and tried to kill me with knife. Sindhoora says she wouldn’t have let the chance go if she had a knife. Suman says kill me and make me far from Ranveer’s life, but can you take me out from his heart. Sindhoora asks her to shut up. Suman asks her to go and says how Ranveer will feel when he comes to know that his mum tried to kill his wife and asks her to go from her room and resort. Sindhoora says how you will prove that I came here. Suman says what you will tell when you are caught. Sindhoora looks on.

Suman asks Ranveer to tell her what happened and why he is doing this. He asks her to go away from his life. She sees reflection and asks him to come infront of her. She then runs back to room thinking Ranveer is alone.

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