Ghulaam 31st July 2017 Written Update

Ghulaam 31st July 2017 Written Update by MA

Ghulaam 31st July 2017 Written Episode

Rangeela asks Shanti amma to tell who gave her gun. She says she will not tell. Rashmi comes with Shivani. Amma gets happy seeing Shivani and hugs her saying my bahu came. Rashmi asks amma to have food. Amma says no. Shivani says let us have aloo parantha and chole. Amma agrees. Shivani goes to prepare parantha and chole. Maldawali thinks she will get rid of Sivani today and mixes gun powder in flour and thinks once Shivani puts dough on tawa, it will burst and everyone will think it is an accident.

Rangeela confronts Jageer and asks what happened to amma in his presence that she became so violent and used gun. Jageer says even he is confused and had gone out for 5 minutes. Rangeela asks what he wanted to prove. Gulguli enters and says Shanti is mad and there is no need to prove that.

Rangeela points guns at them and says he will expose their plan in front of Sarkar. He then goes to kitchen and finds plastic bullet, realizes Gulguli and her sons preplanned against Amma.
Rashmi goes to kitchen to get something and starts kneading dough. Maldawali tries to stop her, but she continues. She walks out. Rangeela speaks to her and smells gunpowder from her hand. She says she kneaded dough. He realizes someone planned to harm Shivani and runs to kitchen. Shivani keeps roti on tawa and is about to switch on gas when Rangeela saves her on time.

Veer speaks to Shamsher who says he has sent his goons as Rangeela’s goons to attack him and Sarkar, he can fight with them and prove that Rangeela tried to kill Sarkar and get into Sarkar’s good books again. Goons attack them. Veer fights with them. One of them says they have escape before they know that Rangeela sent them. They escape. Sarkar happily hugs Veer. Veer reminisces promising Gulguli that sarkar will hug him today. Rangeela comes and informs Sarkar that it is all Veer’s plan, he planned to prove amma mad and gave her plastic bullet gun. Sarkar slaps him and shouts that he wants to kill him and rule Berahampur, his plan will never succeed. Rangeela returns his room sadly and informs Shivani what happened. Shivani says she already told him not to stay here and he should leave haveli right now. Amma says Rangeela can go, she will stay with her husband. Rangeela says he will stay back and change Berahampur for good and will not return until he succeeds.

Precap: Shamsher’s wife tells Shivani that she gave her daughter to her foster brother and did not see her till now. Shivani asks where is her brother now. Shamsher’s wife picks Shivani’s mamaji’s photo.


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